I went to a theatre and dance high school but after one year I was already wondering what I was doing here. I wanted this to end, I wanted to leave… I was sitting on a chair all day long listening at teachers without learning much.

And everyone was asking « what do you want to do after high school Judith? What are you going to study ? ». I just knew I wanted to take a gap year !

When I finished I was 18 years old and with Albert we decided to find a cheap flight and go without a return ticket. We arrived in Guadeloupe where we stopped for some time. Then, we decided to hitchhike a boat to go to Martinique. We almost stayed a month there and we hitchhiked another boat to go to Grenada. And now we are looking for a captain who could take us to Central or South America.

This is what I love about traveling. You really live in the present. Everyday you can decide what you want to do : « Ok well… today I want to visit the island, or : today I want to stay on the beach doing nothing, or : today I will look for a boat to go to Panama…». You do whatever you want with your life. This is freedom !

And it is crazy because everyone tells you that you should study to learn things. But I feel like I am learning much more since I started travelling. »

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