Nueve is a Colombian tattoo artist who lives off his passion for travel and tattooing. He moves from one city to another, from one country to another, and even changes continents to meet friends he already tattooed, encounter people and practice his art.

We met him while volunteering at Bacoa Hostel in Guatape, Colombia. As a friend of the managers, he was invited to realize murals in the hostel’s huts. And to our great pleasure, he also took the opportunity to tattoo. As strangers to this world, we were immediately fascinated by his talent. He seems to be able to engage in any style, from the needle, to the paint, the pencil, the marker, the spray-paint can…

At only 22 years old, he is lucky enough to be able to fully enjoy life by living his passion, and all this by travelling. Working as a tattoo artist in a youth hostel on a small island near Cartagena has allowed him to start developing a network of clients/friends all over the world. People love his tattoos and invite him to spend some time at their homes in Europe, South America, the United States… to get a new tattoo and introduce him to other people.

So the most essential thing for him is to do what we love, and he would like everyone to have this chance. He thinks that most people are “formatted”, and that the model of society in which we live has eventually become a “norm” from which we should not derogate. Studies, good grades, a job that pays well, a family, a house… In his view, too many people prevent themselves from fulfilling certain dreams in order to fit into the society in which we live…

Another fascinating encounter, full of joy, energy, simplicity, smiles and “buenas ondas”. And a message full of enthusiasm: “the most important thing in life is to enjoy the present moment” !

See you soon on the road!

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