Sylvie & Eduardo

Canada & Azores

When we met Sylvie and Eduardo, we were in Curaçao, trying to find a boat heading to the continent. We had arrived on Marco’s boat from Grenada after 3.5 days sailing and dropped anchor just next to their beautiful catamaran.

We then met Agnès and Alex, 2 French pedalling the world encountered in the marinas in Grenada, who were also looking for boats to reach the continent. They had already met Sylvie and Eduardo, and were getting ready to leave within 5 days to Cartagena… Of course, we quickly ask them if we could join as well! And a few days later, we finally set sail all together towards Colombia.

We had been on 7 different sailboats since we left Porto but this was our first time on a catamaran. For us it was luxury ! We had our own cabin with clean sheets and a private bathroom in which we could take shower (first time since our first steps in the sailing world). We were sailing with autopilot the all-time, in a cabin protected from the wind, we could set up the mainsail only by pressing a button, the boats around were showed on a computer long before we could spot them, and the boat was so steady that we could leave things on the tables!

Sylvie and Eduardo were both into sailing when they met. They quickly decided that they will work hard in order to buy a boat and be able to travel.

They were at sea since 5 years, had done over 30 000 nautical miles and had seen 40 different countries in Central and South America, in the Caribbean, in Europe, in Mediterranean… But this journey between Curaçao and Cartagena will for sure remain in their memories!

80 km/h winds, 5 meters waves, short nights, stressful moments…The passage of “El cabo de la vela” known as “The Small Cape Horn” was quite intense. But we got to Cartagena in one piece and after 4 months trying to reach it, we could finally set foot on the continent !  

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