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We met Yeison and Sandra during our first volunteering in Ecuador. We were in Kerry’s farm, helping him growing his organic fruits and veggies. He had bought his land 5 years ago and wanted to create a demonstration farm to show that a model of sustainable agriculture that doesn’t depend on chemicals or pesticide was possible.

Travel Diary #3 - Crossing the Atlantic ocean on sailing boats - From Porto to Tenerife

« “Wait !? This is it: we are gone!" We are sitting on the deck, a glass of Port wine in our hand, the sun is setting, the colours in the sky are amazing, we cannot see the land anymore. A wave of happiness flows through me and I smile. There is nowhere else I want to be...» Here is the 3rd video of our «Travel Diary» serie: and another blog article if you want to know a bit more about it 🙂 This sailing trip from Porto to Tenerife was full of colors and emotions. So we thought it would be nice to share the key moments of our first experience in the sailing world!

Posted by A sense of adventure on Monday, April 15, 2019

We were weeding, planting, cutting the grass, digging trenches for irrigation and cooking all together with really nice products coming directly from the farm… We also learnt a lot about agriculture as Kerry was passionate about it and had a lot to share with us!

Yeison and Sandra were discreet but always super kind a ready to help. We loved their energy and their desire to learn from every little thing … They were both from Colombia, he was a poet, working with kids and she was a photographer. And it was their second big travel in South America but this time they were going without a return ticket.

They wanted to take time for themselves to reconnect with nature and others and learn as much as possible. We really loved the way they were talking about their travel and we recognized ourselves a lot in it! They didn’t have much money, but they still wanted to travel, they believed another way of doing it was possible and they launched themselves into it!

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