Juan Angel


The first time we met Juan Angel, we were discovering the landscape in front of which we will be waking up every morning during two weeks. He saw us sitting on a hammock, enjoying the view and kindly brought us a coffee, so we could enjoy thid moment even more.

Juan Angel is the kind of person laughing or making jokes all the time. He decided to enjoy life and send positive vibes all around him.

He paints, draws, carves, plays andean flute, makes pyrography and ayurvedic massages… But above all, he is interested in people and spirituality. He went through a hard period few years ago. And now, he decided that he wanted to help others.

He also does Tarot reading, and altought I am quite pragmatic, I left my prejudices aside….and what a good memory! It wasn’t the fact that you can « identify yourself in what the cards says » but Juan speech that challenged me and made me think. He can listen without jugement, he understands a lot and advises a little…

We met him and automatically decided to make a portrait of him. And again, he surprised us!

He is the kind of person giving without asking for anything in return. For him, despite our differences, we are all the same and we have to hold hands !

Juan Angel -3
Juan Angel -4
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