When I got 19, I was tired of working in Spain. I really wanted to leave, away from Barcelone. I looked for a cheap plane ticket, I took my backpack et I went to work in Norway. I arrived alone in Oslo. I took a bus for Bergen and I easily found a job.

There, I met many travellers. They were working to get enough money to go travel again ! It hit me ! I wanted my life to look like this as well : work to be able to travel but not too much to not feel like I am wasting my time !

Now, I want to see everything, to know everything. And more than anything, I want to meet people. It’s the most important. It’s what makes a trip amazing. You meet locals, they can share with you about their country, their region… You discover new mindsets… It’s just magical ! And you can do this everywhere in the world !

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