Travel Diary #2 – Team Presentation

 - 01 April 2019 - Travel Diary

« But you will lose a lot of time! » This is how my lovely Mum reacted when I first talked about this Atlantic crossing. I agree, 2 months sailing is a bit more than a 10 hours flight.

I first thought it was a crazy idea too, but few researches were enough to convince me. And as Stevenson says “The journey is important, not the destination”.

I was curious, eager for new adventures, I wanted to learn, to discover this unknown world. I grew up in the mountains, I knew nothing about sailing, I was intrigued.

How is it to live in a boat? How does it look inside? How do we sleep? What kind of food do we eat? Can we wash ourselves while sailing? Can we swim in the middle of the ocean? 

And more than anything: how is the feeling when you see the land arriving on the other side after 3 weeks only surrounded by water?

I was also interested in the social aspect of the experience. How is it to live with people you just met in a small space in the middle of a huge ocean? Everyone with different desires, habits, temperament…

But most of all, I liked the fact that this crossing would give me the opportunity to take the time. Take the time to read, to observe the nature surrounding me, to be amazed by the colours of the sunrises and sunsets, to be attentive to the moon’s cycle, to look at the waves, to analyse the shape of the clouds, to learn about stars, to appreciate the distance between the continents and to think about what I wanted to get out of this big adventure.

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